Navas Instruments thermal gravimetric analyzers for quality control and research used in the determination of moisture, volatile matter, ash and LOI in coal, coke and other products

Multi-sample TGA with operational software in Windows

  • Automatic crucible-cover placement and removal provides for better volatile matter determination by reducing sample oxidation and eliminating the possibility of contamination.
  • Operator safety: Risk of operator burns is reduced since the furnace does not have to be opened manually to place/remove covers.
  • Elimination of the possibility of the covers falling inside furnace.
  • No waste of consumables and reduced consumption of resources.
  • Although specifically designed for the coal/coke industry, the TGA-2000A may be used in any application where crucible covers need to be placed/removed.
  • Quickly determine moisture, volatiles, ash, fixed-carbon and LOI (Loss on ignition).
  • Temperature regulation is plus/minus one degree centigrade.
  • Extremely robust mechanical design.
  • Exceptional and unsurpassed reliability.
  • Complete brand name digital precision balance of 0.1 mg sensitivity with display.
  • Service, although seldom required, does not require highly-trained technicians, Navas Instruments provides service directly or with local dealers
  • Parts are standard and generally available locally.