Navas Instruments ThermoBatch-TGA-Analyzer-16 Series multiple sample ash and/or moisture analyzer (thermo gravimetric) for quality control and research, and for analysis of organic and inorganic materials, High throughput TGA with operational software in Windows and with 4-place digital precision balance for increased throughput

Multiple - Sample, Quick Moisture Or Ash Analyzer For Large Throughput And With Operational Software In Windows.
(Accurate thermogravimetric instruments)

The ThermoBatch-TGA-Analyzer-16 is ideal for analysis of samples with variable mass results. In TGA, the final mass of a sample can vary for a long period of time. Therefore, when a whole batch of samples are being run in TGA, we have to wait until all masses reach stability. In ThermoBatch-TGA-Analyzer this does not happen and it does not condition the analysis time of the entire batch.

The ThermoBatch-TGA-Analyzer-16 is a continuous instrument in which the furnace is always hot at a constant temperature, also there is not time wasted in heating and cooling.